resource_iconAt GreenPlay LLC, we continually strive to provide tools and educational opportunities to help improve the provision of parks, recreation, and open space management to our fellow professionals that in turn improve the livability of our communities across the United States. The GreenPlay staff and our alliance firms diligently work to develop and improve the processes to help you effectively achieve your planning goals. Here we have provided some of the most often requested materials for you to review and download for your use.

Additional information and materials are added to this page as they become available, and you are invited to check back for new items. If you do not see something that you are seeking information on please call us at (303) 439-8369, or e-mail us at

Sample Request for Proposals

We have provided a version of a Request for Proposals document that provides you with a basic start to creating your own RFP for completing your future Master Plan. This document is a compilation of the good features found in many of the past RFP’s that that have crossed our desk. Select the Microsoft Word (*.doc) version to easily edit the RFP to your individual needs. The Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) version is also provided for you to download.

MS Word (*.doc) version of Sample Request for Proposals
Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) version of Sample Request for Proposals

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Sample Partnership Policy

Partnerships are joint development funding sources or operational funding sources between two separate agencies such as two government entities, a non-profit and a government department, or a private business and a government agency. Two partners jointly develop revenue producing facilities and share risk, operational costs, responsibilities, and asset management based on the strengths and weaknesses of each partner. The Sample Partnership Policy provides a guide to the process for forming the partnership between your agency and another entity.

Click here for the Sample Partnership Policy document developed by GreenPlay.

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Sponsorships can help better utilize and maximize the community resources by providing an alternative revenue funding source for programs, events, and as an investment for new and existing facilities. The Sample Sponsorship Policy provides a guide to develop a policy for your agency to specify the procedures and approval levels for soliciting and implementing sponsorship opportunities to benefit the agency as well as the sponsoring organizations and businesses.

Click here for the Sample Sponsorship Policy document developed by GreenPlay.

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Small Community Parks and Recreation Resource Guide – A Simplified Process to Master Planning – New 2016 Edition!

This guide walks you through the planning process and outlines how to create a master plan for a small community. It is written primarily for agencies that do not have time or access to adequate funding to hire an objective third party firm to do a plan but still need a plan to help their agency run well and to be eligible for grant funding. It is intended for leaders and staff of agencies with up to a 25,000 population service area.

The Small Community Park and Recreation Master Planning Resource Guide demonstrates how to determine the needs of your community, set the priorities, and implement efficiency measures to achieve the goals. There are many examples of funding mechanisms, operational ideas, community involvement, and procedures to guarantee success for your organization.

The written guide and sample documents are designed for easy use and include an electronic CD featuring all documents and templates. They are the starting points for you to customize the plan to the particular conditions of your community.

The guide has been compiled and authored by various parks and recreation professionals who are nationally recognized experts in traditional and innovative planning for public agencies.

The Small Community Park and Recreation Master Planning Resource Guide can be purchased through our sister organization: GP RED.


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