GreenPlay Consultant, Dan Seder, writes article for PRB.

GreenPlay Consultant, Dan Seder, MBA, CPRP, has authored an article that appears in the October 2018 issue of Parks and Recreation Business magazine. The article, titled More Than A Box On A Resume – Tips for creating a successful internship program, gives nuts & bolts advice on hiring interns and making it a win-win for both the agency and employee.

Many parks and recreation agencies take the time to prepare students for the industry through internships. For those organizations looking to hire an intern, the following will provide some tips in forming a plan to make the experience positive and beneficial for both parties.

Internships are a great way to provide a young professional an opportunity to experience the field as well as a realistic understanding of the day-to-day operations of a parks and recreation department. Conversely, an intern provides a department the ability to bring on an additional staff member to assist in leading programming, working on specific projects, or assisting throughout the department.

Dan Seder is a Project Consultant with GreenPlay and he is currently based in Omaha, Nebraska. He has over 25 years of experience in the field, working for various agencies throughout Utah and Nebraska as a director and staff member, and as an adjunct instructor teaching recreation administration courses for Utah Valley University. Learn more about Dan on our Consultants page.

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GreenPlay Consultants Author Article for National Magazine

Don Jones, PhD, Project Consultant for GreenPlay, LLC, is the lead author of an article in the November 2017 issue of Parks & Recreation Business magazine. The article, titled A Real Balancing Act, is about using a Balance Scorecard to determine whether a your parks and recreation agency is hitting its mark. “While all organizations are under pressure to meet their budgets, not-for-profit parks and recreation departments are, by definition, not subject to making a profit. Having said that, we are seeing a shift in accountability for the public sector with more communities wanting to know exactly what they are getting for their tax dollars,” says Dr. Jones in the article. John Drew and John Rainey, from GreenPlay, also contributed to the article.

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PRB BlurbGreenPlay Consultant Authors
Article for National Magazine

Dylan Packebush, MBA, CPRP, Project Manager for GreenPlay, LLC, has an article in the May 2017 issue of Parks & Recreation Business magazine. The article, titled Developing A Strategic Marketing Plan is an introductory guide to creating consistent messaging to reinforce your agency’s brand. “As parks and recreation services look for ways to build relationships with communities,” observes Packebush, “marketing becomes an essential business tool in today’s industry. Even if an agency doesn’t have a marketing staff, it is constantly communicating with potential users. It is in an agency’s best interest to proactively develop these strategies.” GreenPlay offers a wide range of Business and Marketing consulting services.

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