green-fifteen-button-1In 1999, GreenPlay was founded, offering solutions to parks and recreation agencies across the country. Our innovative processes have been developed and refined specifically to fill unmet needs in parks and recreation planning, leading to agency-specific recommendations that get results. Over the past 15 years, we have completed over 325 parks, recreation and related plans. Our team knows how to create plans that are dynamic and implementable. We strive to make recommendations that will help your agency thrive now and into the future. more-button-3 

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GreenPlay operates as a consortium of experts, acting as a management tool for agencies by organizing consultant teams that are responsive and understand the needs of administrators and their communities to provide services for park, recreation, open space, and related agencies. tab-more-button-2


Chris Dropinski on Fox News radio program

chris-on-radio-artChris Dropinski, CPRE, Senior Principal & Managing Member of GreenPlay, LLC was on the “Newsmaker” radio program with Tim Bryant in Athens, Georgia on October 21, 2014 where she discussed the importance of community involvement in charting the future of local parks and recreation projects. The program was promoting attendance at a local community engagement event.
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New EPA report is a guide to help communities with green infrastructure.

epa_greeninfrastructure_coverThis is a strong non-academic resource just published that provides a good overview of the needs for and benefits of green infrastructure, published by the EPA.  It is primarily focused on the environmental benefits, but talks about the overall benefits of parks and related elements. The publication describes the role local governments can take to enhance sustainable communities and protect their water quality while also getting the greatest possible benefit out of every investment. Also discussed are various funding resources.

Using green infrastructure strategies to reduce stormwater runoff can strengthen efforts to preserve open space and natural areas and encourage development in existing communities. Green infrastructure elements help make neighborhood streets and greenways pleasant and safe for walking and biking and reinforce a sense of place. Integrating green infrastructure and sustainable communities encourages collaboration in development decisions and promotes green building practices.

Many communities that want to use green infrastructure approaches face technical, regulatory, financial, and institutional obstacles that limit widespread implementation. This report serves as a guide to develop a plan that can overcome these obstacles for neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions of all sizes. It helps stakeholders create a vision for how green infrastructure can enhance their communities—a vision that engages residents and inspires them to take action. It also directs readers to other resources that provide more detailed information that can be tailored to communities’ particular climate, goals, and circumstances. This document covers:

  • Strategies that support both sustainable communities and green infrastructure.
  • How to organize stakeholders to develop a sustainable communities and green infrastructure plan.
  • The different components of a sustainable communities/green infrastructure plan.



We are sad to announce that Karon Badalamenti passed away on June 9th, 2014. We are profoundly saddened by the loss of this bright light, our dear colleague and friend. She was a vital force in our field, and contributed many years and innovations to our profession and will be missed by so many.

Karon was a Certified Parks and Recreation Executive who brought over 25 years in Parks and Recreation administration, and senior management experience consulting for both special district and municipal government in planning, marketing, operations, maintenance and construction, board development and project management. Karon joined GreenPlay as a Principal in 2004, and over the past 10 years she was involved in dozens of projects as well as presenting at workshops and conferences nationwide. She was truly committed to community parks and recreation. In recent years, she facilitated and led successful consulting projects for communities of all sizes around the nation, including Master Planning, Program and Needs Assessments, Market Analyses, and Financial Planning.