Gareth Jones, PhD joins GreenPlay as Special Project Consultant.

GreenPlay, LLC is pleased to announce a great new addition to our consulting team. Gareth Jones, PhD has joined the firm as a Special Projects Consultant. Gareth earned his PhD in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from North Carolina State University (NCSU), with a focus on sport-based youth development, community capacity building, and collaborative approaches to recreation resource and program management. While at NCSU, Gareth also completed a graduate certificate in Geospatial Information Science (GIS). Gareth is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Temple University, and works on a variety of sport-based youth development projects associated with the Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC). When not teaching or conducting his own research, he lends his knowledge and expertise to GreenPlay and GP RED as a Special Projects Consultant to help communities.

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WHOforest-pathAward-winning planning experts specializing in serving the needs of parks, recreation and open space agencies.

GreenPlay operates as a consortium of experts, acting as a management tool for agencies by organizing consultant teams that are responsive and understand the needs of administrators and their communities to provide services for park, recreation, open space, and related agencies. Since 1999, GreenPlay has completed over 400 projects in 41 states for governmental agencies and private companies.

Our consultants bring to your organization many years of experience working with parks, recreation, and related community quality of life agencies. Our sole intention is to help you determine solutions that will assist your agency in achieving desired goals and outcomes.



GreenPlay Consultant Has Feature Article in National Magazine.

Melissa Chew, CPRP, Project Consultant for GreenPlay, LLC, has a feature article in the July 2016 issue of Parks & Recreation Business magazine. The article, titled Parks and Preservation, is about how parks offer us the opportunity to integrate resources and experiences – a meshing of nature and culture with parks and preservation that seem to go hand in hand. “While parks were originally designed for a variety of purposes and in a diversity of styles, they foster a natural partnership with culture in the form of historic preservation,” observes Ms. Chew. “Our tapestry of American history has been widely supported by private, national, state, and even local efforts. Resources exist to help agencies achieve goals that contribute to this great fabric of cultural heritage.”

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fun-city-articleTeresa Penbrooke co-authors article.

GreenPlay founder, Teresa Penbrooke, recently co-authored
an article for Athletic Business Magazine on playgrounds and green spaces in urban areas. The article, titled “Fun City,” discusses a recent study conducted by North Carolina State University, which examines recent demographic trends showing a migration from the suburbs back to the central cores of American cities and examines the opportunities for play and recreation. The study used a component-based analysis with a Geographic Information System to analyze and improve access to play spaces in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that have a wide range of densities. The study found that the chances of having a playground within walking distance of home in the densest locations were equal to those in the places with typical suburban densities.more-button-3

Chris Dropinski on Fox News radio program

chris-on-radio-artChris Dropinski, CPRE, Senior Principal & Managing Member of GreenPlay, LLC was on the “Newsmaker” radio program with Tim Bryant in Athens, Georgia on October 21, 2014 where she discussed the importance of community involvement in charting the future of local parks and recreation projects. The program was promoting attendance at a local community engagement event.

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