chris_speakingAt GreenPlay LLC, we continually strive to provide tools and educational opportunities to help improve the provision of parks, recreation, and open space management to our fellow professionals that in turn improve the livability of our communities across the United States. The GreenPlay staff and our alliance firms diligently work to develop and improve the processes to help you effectively achieve your planning goals.



Presentations and Speaking Engagements

karon_speakingGreenPlay staff regularly speak at training seminars and conferences for various agencies and state, regional, and national professional associations.

Topics vary widely depending on need, but most include providing strong information and education for running more effective parks, recreation, open space or related organizations. Typically, these sessions are 1¼ to 1½ hours in length but can be easily expanded to full day seminars.

Our staff are full-time consultants, parks and recreation professionals, and educators – not “professional speakers”; per se – but staff members provide a valuable educational service and are typically compensated in some way for their time. Compensation structures can be negotiable depending on the event, costs and time commitments necessary.

Click here for a list of currently available presentation topics.


Service Assessment Matrix-web500Public Sector Services Assessment

Based on the MacMillan Matrix for Competitive Analysis of Programs, the Public Sector Services Assessment Matrix is based on the assumption that duplication of existing comparable services among public and non-profit organizations can fragment limited resources available, leaving all providers too weak to increase the quality and cost-effectiveness of customer services. This is also true for public agencies.

The Public Sector Services Assessment Matrix assumes that trying to be all things to all people can result in mediocre or low-quality service. Instead, agencies should focus on delivering higher-quality service in a more focused (and perhaps limited) way. The Matrix helps organizations think about some very pragmatic questions.

  • Q: Are we the best organization to provide this service?
  • Q: Is competition good for our customers?
  • Q: Are we spreading ourselves too thin, without the capacity to sustain ourselves?
  • Q: Should we work cooperatively with another organization to provide services?

Click here for more information on the Public Sector Services Assessment Matrix.

green-video-icon-1Click on the icon at left to view a video on Public Sector Services Assessment, Part 1. (Go to our Video Library page for Part 2 and other leading-edge videos).

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gp_green_bar-1funding-2Financial Sustainability – Use of Taxpayer Investment – Funding and Cost Recovery

One of the most challenging parts of running public agencies can be how to fund needed facilities and programs. GreenPlay consultants can help. Whether you need traditional or alternative funding mechanisms, we can help you plan for and obtain the financing you need.

If needed, we can evaluate your current resource allocation.

  • Where’s the money going?
  • What’s your cost recovery strategy and percentage?
  • Which programs or facilities are being subsidized?
  • What should you be subsidizing to meet your overall goals?

Then, we can look at what your options might be, both from a political and situational standpoint, and help you plan for and obtain resources.

Possible types of funding:

  • Traditional funding mechanisms (bonds, sales or property taxes, development fees, user fees, etc.)
  • Alternative Funding including grants, sponsorships, and donor programs.
  • Volunteer capital (friends of and adopt-a-park groups, weed warriors, and museum docents).
  • Capital campaigns and naming rights.
  • Endowments, trusts, and foundations.
  • Partnerships with governmental, non-profit, or for-profit businesses.

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gp_green_bar-1The Pyramid Methodology An Important Foundation

13-P&CR-PyramidGreenPlay has established and improved the “Pyramid” methodology for helping agencies create an overall philosophy and methodology for determining consensus on values, vision, mission, allocation of subsidy resources, pricing programs and evaluating expected cost recovery. This method is invaluable for creating cost recovery and prioritization strategies that are equitable, defensible and can be implemented at all levels. These are based on the “benefit” of the services to the community, not just a comparative evaluation of “what has been done before” or “what others are doing.”

It is an extension of “activity-based costing,” but takes the analysis further into assimilating the values accepted and defined by your community and elected officials. We explain and document the methodology and evaluate your agency’s current and potential methods for fair pricing and increased cost recovery.

Click here for a document describing the steps to developing a Cost Recovery Philosophy for your organization.

green-video-icon-1Click on the icon at left to view a video on the Pyramid Methodology, Part 1. (Go to our Video Library page for Parts 2-4, and other leading-edge videos).

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gp_green_bar-1Alternative Funding & Partnerships

Dollars That Make Sense

Across the country we are seeing a trend for agencies to look outside the traditional funding mechanisms to the use of alternative funding and partnerships to fund improvements and programming for public agencies. GreenPlay has extensive experience in evaluating options for alternative funding that typically include grants, donor programs and/or partnerships. This may include partnerships with other business, governmental (Federal, state, school, nearby agencies, etc.), and/or non-profit agencies, along with creation of policies and evaluation processes to help determine if they might be a “good fit.” If desired, our firm can work to identify key partnership strategies to help support your community goals.

  • GreenPlay can help you identify key partners and analyze potentially viable community partnerships.
  • GreenPlay can identify strategies to address Public and Private Partnership opportunities and provide tools to facilitate partnerships and minimize risk.
  • GreenPlay can provide recommendations and sample documents used to formulate a Partnership Policy to streamline the partnership opportunities.

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Composite-Values Based Level of Service (LOS) Analysis

GRASP-LOGO-croppedThe GRASP® Methodology
(Geo-Referenced Amenities Standards Program)

An Improved Approach

Public agencies typically analyze their existing parks, open space, trails, and recreation systems to try and determine how the systems are serving the public. Previously, a Level of Service (LOS) has been typically defined as the capacity of the various system components and facilities to meet the needs of the public, and generally expressed in terms of the size or quantity of a given facility per unit of population.

Analyses of parks, open space, trails, and recreation systems determine how the current system effectively serves the community. Traditional level of service (LOS) analysis in master plans describes the capacity of the various components and facilities that make up the system to meet the needs of the public. The GreenPlay/Design Concepts team have adapted and built upon previous practices to create an improved approach using a “Composite Values Methodology” (CVM) for analysis.

Click here for an information sheet on GreenPlay’s Composite-Values Based Level of Service (LOS) Analysis using the Grasp® Methodology.

Click here for samples of past project GRASP® Perspectives!


Click on the icon at left to view a video featuring an overview of  GreenPlay’s Composite-Values Based Level of Service (LOS) Analysis. (Go to our Video Library page for more leading-edge videos).

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Keys to Relevance in Parks and Recreation

What is the relationship of Parks and Recreation agencies to the community they serve? What is their mission – their goals? This program provides a brief overview of the importance of parks, recreation, and related public services in providing quality of life in a community, along with a brief summary of current planning practices that help inform decisions around those services to help communities thrive.  The video was created by Teresa Penbrooke as part of curriculum updates for North Carolina State University’s College of Natural Resources, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

green-video-icon-1Click on the icon at left to view Part 1 of the video. (Go to our Video Library page for Part 2 and other leading-edge videos).

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Research Education and Development

GP_RED_Logo_JR-SquareGreenPlay staff are considered experts in research and management in the fields of parks, recreation, open space and other quality of life organizations. Some Senior GreenPlay staff worked with many others to found the non-profit, GP RED. Senior staff are often asked to speak, facilitate, present and teach at a variety of local, state and national agencies and associations. Additional information and current topics are available upon request.

The Mission of GP RED is to facilitate the creation of innovative, practical management tools and strategies intended to enhance and promote parks and recreation industries through research, development, and education.

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