GreenPlay is pleased to share our knowledge and innovations with other members of our field.

Below are audio and video files that provide useful information and resources that professionals at all levels of your agency can use. In addition to YouTube, several are also available on iTunes U.



Keys-video-previewKeys to Relevance in Parks and Recreation – Part 1

This 22 minute video provides a brief overview of the importance of parks, recreation, and related public services in providing quality of life in a community, along with a brief summary of current planning practices that help inform decisions around those services to help communities thrive. The video was created by Teresa Penbrooke, PhD Candidate, CPRE, as part of curriculum updates for North Carolina State University’s College of Natural Resources, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

Keys-part2-titleKeys to Relevance in Parks and Recreation – Part 2

gp-video-composite-valueComposite-Values Level of Service Analysis

This video, presented by Teresa Penbrooke, PhD Candidate, CPRE, gives an overview of composite-values level of service analysis. This methodology is helpful for public agencies as they need to inventory, assess, manage, and create plans for the various quality of life assets and services (such as parks, recreation, open space and/or trails) in their communities.


Pyramid-part1The Pyramid Methodology, Part 1

Parks and Recreation Public Resource Allocation and Cost Recovery Philosophy, Model, and Policy.

Pyramid-part2The Pyramid Methodology, Part 2



Pyramid-part3The Pyramid Methodology, Part 3



Pyramid-part4The Pyramid Methodology, Part 4




Services-part1The Public Sector Services Assessment, Part 1

Determining Community Roles for Parks and Recreation Services

Services-part2The Public Sector Services Assessment, Part 2





GreenPlay helps City of Vancouver, WA integrate services with county.

Video about GreenPlay’s role in performing an Organizational Assessment for a consolidated program of city and county resources and services. Video courtesy of the City of Vancouver, WA.

chris-on-radio-artChris Dropinski on Fox News radio program

Chris Dropinski was on the “Newsmaker” radio program with Tim Bryant in Athens, Georgia on October 21, 2014.