What We Do.

GreenPlay operates as a consortium of technical and management consultants with many years of experience to give you the service you need now. Our goal is to evaluate your situation; design a system, process, or product that will work for you and help you to implement it quickly and smoothly. We can work with all levels of staff, senior management, and governing body members. We have a broad, objective view to help your organization operate in the most innovative, efficient, and revenue-enhancing way possible.

Our areas of expertise include:

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gp_green_bar-1Management Consulting

Have a staff challenge? Need a process, project, or procedure that isn’t fully outlined? Need a plan and Board or Council approval for new, more efficient procedures? GreenPlay can help. Our consultants continuously research best practices in your field, whether on a local, regional, or national level. We then work with you to create what you need. We can write and present a policy or process that will outline and support your project in a way that not only communicates your vision to approving entities, but also works for implementation with your operational staff.

Trying something completely new? GreenPlay consultants can help you test your ideas, provide insights, and design implementation strategies. GreenPlay is experienced in designing new and innovative projects and procedures that work!

  • Master Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Development and Implementation
  • Policy Research and Development
  • Pricing Studies and Revenue Evaluation
  • Retreat Facilitation and Seminars
  • Resource Allocation and Funding Studies
  • Staff and Customer Service Training Programs

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gp_green_bar-1Facility Program and Project Management

Building a new facility or an entire department? GreenPlay has a consortium of technical and management experts available that can help you get the project done, quickly, efficiently, and with a streamlined approach that helps with cost savings.

Macomb Twp CRC Rendering 1We work slightly differently from the traditional “architect and/or engineer-led” project management viewpoint. Yes, we value and include these technical experts, but we believe that in order for a project to truly work from an operational standpoint, the entire process needs to be led by management experts who understand the intricacies involved in providing public programs. We specialize in managing projects that will not only create wonderful facilities, but will also include addressing political and environmental sustainability options, and work from a programmatic standpoint for the community when they are completed.

We can manage your choice of design and construction companies, or we can recommend companies that have years of experience in your desired project area. We can help you from ground zero through the entire project or just help with parts – including project approval, bidding, contracts, hiring, project oversight, funding, construction and design, program planning and operations, and evaluation.

Types of expertise available from our Consortium Members:

  • Management and Public Administration Specialists
  • Seasoned Parks and Recreation Professionals
  • Community Outreach, Marketing, and Public Relations Consultants
  • Finance Experts and Attorneys
  • Engineers and Surveyors
  • Landscape and Facility Architects

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Community Outreach, Marketing and Public Relations

We understand that getting things accomplished in the public arena requires involvement and “buy-in” from your community. We also know that conveying positive and valid information to your stakeholders is one of the most important parts of running an agency. GreenPlay can help to engage your stakeholders and help them to feel involved in the process.

We work to build relationships. We design strategies that reach out to your most important markets, including those in the political, internal, and public arenas. Whether you need approval, increased participation, better staff involvement, or just a higher level of recognition in the public eye, we can create and implement all aspects of a public process program that will help you accomplish your goals.

Our selected services include:

  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Surveying and Information Management
  • Outreach for specialized markets (i.e.; seniors, youth, ethnically diverse, etc.)
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Partnership Facilitation
  • Public Relations Programs

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gp_green_bar-1Funding and Cost Recovery

funding-1One of the most challenging parts of running public agencies can be determining how to fund needed facilities and programs. GreenPlay consultants can help. Whether you need traditional or alternative funding mechanisms, we can assist in planning for and obtaining the necessary financing.

If needed, we can evaluate your current resource allocation. Where’s the money going? What’s your cost recovery strategy and percentage? Which programs or facilities are being subsidized? What should you be subsidizing to meet your overall goals?

Then, we can look at what your options might be, both from a political and situational standpoint, and help you plan for and obtain resources.

Possible types of funding:

  • Traditional funding mechanisms (bonds, sales or property taxes, development fees, user fees, etc.).
  • Alternative Funding including grants, sponsorships, and donor programs.
  • Partnerships with governmental, non-profit, or for profit businesses

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gp_green_bar-1Cost Recovery Pyramid Methodology

13-P&CR-PyramidGreenPlay has established and improved the “Pyramid” methodology for helping agencies create an overall philosophy and methodology for determining consensus on values, mission, allocation of subsidy resources, and pricing programs, and assisting in evaluation of expected cost recovery. This method is invaluable for creating cost recovery and prioritization strategies that are equitable, defensible and can be implemented at all levels. These are based on the “value” of the services to the community, not just a comparative evaluation of “what has been done before” or “what others are doing.”

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gp_green_bar-1GRASP® Composite-Values Based Level of Service Analysis

GRASP-LOGO-croppedGreenPlay, along with landscape architecture firm and key consortium member Design Concepts, has created an important tool for public agencies in the examination of their “Level of Service” (LOS) using composite-values LOS analysis.” While composite-values LOS analysis is now becoming the standard methodology for evaluating level of service, we have spent years automating and creating efficient templates for our proprietary process, called GRASP® (Geo-Referenced Amenities Standards Process).

Composite-Values Level of Service Analysis: Previously, a Level of Service (LOS) has been defined as the capacity of the various system components and facilities to meet the needs of the public. It was generally expressed in terms of the size or quantity of a given facility per unit of population (i.e. 10 acres of public space per 1,000 population). Over time, it has been realized that the capacities standards alone do not work for most communities, and are especially troublesome when trying to evaluate special assets like natural areas; recreation centers; trails; and historic and cultural sites, amenities, and facilities.

Composite-values LOS builds on the traditional chart-based capacity analysis, and can not only track the quantity, but the quality of the components of an entire system into a digital dataset. By combining and analyzing each component, it is possible to measure the service provided by a system from a variety of perspectives and for any given household or location. This methodology allows for analysis of the inventory, location, distribution, and access to various public amenities. These offerings are categorized based on “relevant” components that can be further examined as needed for any type of future planning process or analysis. The methodology works beyond typical GIS analysis to combine needs assessment with equitable allocation of resources and walkability, and it works especially well for parks, recreation, and other Quality of Life amenities. GreenPlay and Design Concepts have spent years perfecting our GRASP® version of this methodology, and we were involved in helping to create and incorporate the NRPA GIS Attributes and Standards for digital inventorying and mapping. Our version works, and it has been tested in over 80 communities around the country.

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