Our clients LOVE us!

Over the past 18 years and more than 450 projects, we have dozens of repeat customers who come back for more of our services or to update previous projects. Below are just a few of the accolades and recommendations we received.



Julie VonWeller, ACi Architects
DeBary FL Community Center Feasibility Study Project, August 2017

Working with Pat O’Toole and GreenPlay created a dream team for our most recent Community Center project. Whether it was the high-quality work product, ability to adapt to any situation, or the reliability and level of expertise, our client’s expectations were not only met, but exceeded because of Pat. His team approach and positive attitude only added to the greater team’s ability to deliver an on-time, at-budget project which gained community acceptance and unanimous City Council approval. Everyone at ACi Architects looks forward to our next opportunity of working with Pat and the incredible team which makes up GreenPlay.

Cory Styron, CPRP, Director
Farmington NM Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts

We appreciate all of the assistance and good work performed by Pat O’Toole and the entire GreenPlay team. Our staff is very excited with the information provided in the Master Plan and the direction for our agency. GreenPlay provided a third party venue for our community to discuss our future needs. The community discussions and surveys were well thought out and provided us with good data to plan our future direction. GreenPlay performed on time and with a very professional staff.

Dan Garvy, CPRP, Director of Parks & Recreation
Lisle Park District, Illinois

GreenPlay truly helped us to take a more methodical, focused and responsible approach to every facet of our operation.

Mick Renneisen, Director of Parks & Recreation
Bloomington, Indiana

GreenPlay’s leadership in our master planning process helped us set our priorities based on community input. We were particularly impressed with their GRASP® technology, expertise and facilitation process. I would highly recommend GreenPlay to other agencies who are considering a master plan for their community.

Dinesh Tiwari, Former Director
Arlington County, Virginia Parks and Recreation Department

On the eve of my retirement with Arlington County, I wanted to let you know that the adoption of the Cost Recovery Policy by our County Board was a highlight of our department’s accomplishments in the past seven years. As you know, this policy was developed in partnership with GreenPlay, staff, commission members, stakeholder groups and the general public. The benefits-based “Pyramid Model” adopted by our Board has been very helpful to us during our annual budget process. The model defines the “targets” for fees and charges for our programs and services. Since these “targets” were approved by our Board as part of adopting the Cost Recovery Policy, it makes the budget process so much less painful! This policy has also helped structure our annual internal process for the review of all fees and charges and recommend adjustments consistent with adopted “targets”.

Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, South Carolina

Poised for facility expansion, a road map for growth was needed. CCPRC began the process of developing this 10-year vision in March 2012, with the help of GreenPlay, LLC and its consulting team. Through public workshops, surveys, and research, the current and future recreational needs of Charleston County were assessed to help CCPRC plan, fund, manage, and develop parks, facilities, trails, and programs. The outcome of this extensive process is the Comprehensive Park, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan, the Parks for Tomorrow Plan, which will guide CCPRC as improvements to the park system are planned over the next ten years.

Michele Nekota, Division Director
Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation

Based on your recommendations on our Organizational Study, we have had the Golf Section overseeing the Pros, Superintendent, and Maintenance Staff for about the past 9 months. The Golf Section had a team building activity with all of their staff for the first time, and they all seemed to have a fun time. They are truly working together as a team. Wow! I would not have ever imagined that this would have happened 9 months ago. The organization as a whole has changed. Even though we have experienced hard and challenging times, this has brought us closer together as a team. I want to personally thank [GreenPlay ] for working with our organization and your valuable recommendations based on the study.

Jason Genck, CPRP, Deputy Superintendent
Willamalane Park and Recreation District
A National Gold Medal Award Winning Agency

We have had to make some challenging programming and budget decisions based upon the shifting needs in our community. Thank God for the Cost Recovery [Pyramid] Model and our continued dedication to moving the model forward. It continues to establish common ground for challenging decisions. Our careful, strategic planning and conservative approach has given us the chance to seize many opportunities that have been presented in this tough economy. We are taking time to allow staff to establish the new thriving Willamalane Center by using our cost recovery model and other tools.

Don Tingey, Director of Parks & Recreation
City of South Jordan, Utah

South Jordan is one of Utah’s fastest growing cities and we have benefited greatly from using the experience and expertise of GreenPlay and their staff. In 2007 we completed the city’s first comprehensive master plan then in 2008 we completed a cost recovery model. Karon and her collegues at GreenPlay were instrumental in getting us started in the right direction and we are very appreciative of their services – I’d recommend their services to anyone.

Ken Sherbenou, Executive Director
Montrose Recreation District, Colorado

John (Barnholt) and Chuck (Musgrave) were brilliant in the facilitation of the MRD feasibility study. This process achieved two critical things: empowerment of a motivated citizen’s group and a very strong final project plan. This led naturally into the very successful petition drive to put it on the ballot and then a very well-run campaign.

RE: Cost Recovery, Resource Allocation, and Revenue Enhancement Plan.
County of San Diego Board of Supervisors

I had a chance to attend both of the community events, one in South County, where they were basically getting the input from users, from friends groups, and I just thought the process they went through, the consultants they hired, did a tremendous job in gathering information and listening to the concerns of a cross section of users of our parks facilities. I commend them for the way that this has all come together. I think given where we are in the state of California, and local government in general in regards to the many competing forces we have for a very limited amount of revenues that we have available, I think we’ve got to look at a different way of doing business in the future. What Parks has done with this business plan is probably unlike anything else any other governmental agency has been doing. We are going to have to look to doing business a little bit differently and I think they have laid out a good plan, it’s one that I fully support…. I think it was a very good product, something that will serve us well in the years ahead.

One of the benefits of the study that has been done, and the surveys that have come in, is that finally this vision will come true….. And certainly what I think this does is it provides us with a roadmap for the future.

The analysis, the services assessment, the pyramid methodology, it’s hard to argue with these things when you see it done in such a rational manner. And I think that’s a positive. But I think what’s even better is that….. by doing this in a thoughtful way, it helps us in a broader way, it helps us preserver all the high quality things that each of us has. So I like the analysis, I like the report, and I like the direction you are going in.

Melissa M. Chew, CPRP, Director, Parks, Recreation & Culture
Town of Windsor, Colorado

Looking back on the past several years and reflecting on the process, I feel that we have come a long way in building accountability for this process – from the Partnership Guidelines, to the YMCA Needs Assessment, to our own Cost Recovery model and now the Feasibility Study. I am confident that process helped build the degree of support we received last night to move forward with the ad hoc financing group. Thanks for a great process and great experience; I could not have asked for a better result.

Edie Hylton
La Quinta, California Parks & Recreation

I am very happy to say that our Master Plan, prepared by GreenPlay, has had no time on the shelf to collect dust! We have used it continually to match recommendations, based on citizen identified priorities, to our capital projects schedule and annual operating goals. In addition to the strong GIS and composite level of service analysis, the GreenPlay team used its extensive experience to provide extremely helpful policy and operational direction for our recreation programming and marketing components, areas that often receive only cursory attention. I’d highly recommend their services!

Melissa Prowse, Business Development Representative
Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission

It is with great pleasure that I am able to provide this letter of recommendation for GreenPlay LLC. Oakland County Parks and Recreation has been working with GreenPlay on two projects since early 2013. The projects include the development of our Service Portfolio, as well as a comprehensive analysis of our two major Waterpark facilities.
From the initial interview as part of our bid process through today, GreenPlay has been a pleasure to work with and has provided us with amazing tools, products and processes for our organization… We have benefitted greatly from their extensive knowledge and leadership in the field… it has been a game-changer for our organization. The Waterpark Analysis is helping us to make some critical financial and operational decisions for how we operate two of our largest revenue-producing facilities. We look forward to wrapping up our current projects with them and hopefully working together in the future.

Kathy Ferguson, Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association
Bella Vista, Arkansas

Pat O’Toole from GreenPlay did an excellent job of jumping into our organization and learning about our culture, our diverse amenities, and our wide variety of programs. GreenPlay has helped us take great strides toward better understanding our members’ desires, assessing our recreational facility needs, and determining our direction for the future.