about_subhead_bannerGreenPlay LLC operates as a consortium of experts, acting as a management tool for agencies by organizing consultant teams that are responsive and understand the needs of administrators and their communities to provide services for park, recreation, open space, and related agencies.

18yrs-green_square_iconGreenPlay was established in Broomfield, Colorado in 1999, when Teresa Penbrooke, an experienced public parks and recreation professional, identified certain needs in the industry that were not being fully satisfied. She noticed that although many consultants serviced this industry, most focused primarily on narrow niches and specific services. This reality forced organizations to troll the landscape for a myriad of firms to complete separate tasks as well as to take on the burden of organizing these specialists into one cohesive team. In 2001, Chris Dropinski became a partner in the firm and now acts as Senior Principal and handles office administration.

We Are a 100% Women Owned Business


With satellite offices in Lawrence, Kansas; Lebanon, New Hampshire; Hampton, Virginia; Annapolis, Maryland; and Oakland, California, GreenPlay provides services nationwide. Our employees are experienced parks, recreation, and open space professionals who know what it takes to and fund, build, and operate the types of facilities that you manage now and may manage in the future. They are also familiar with parks and recreation provision and the challenges associated with providing quality services in a sustainable manner. We are, first and foremost, managers and leaders.

Over 160 Years of Combined Experience