support-bannerAt GreenPlay LLC, we continually strive to provide tools and educational opportunities to help improve the provision of parks, recreation, and open space management to our fellow professionals that in turn improve the livability of our communities across the United States. The GreenPlay staff and our alliance firms diligently work to develop and improve the processes to help you effectively achieve your planning goals.

Below are some of the most often requested materials for you to review and download for your use.

Partial list of communities for whom we’ve consulted:

Master/Strategic Planning & Needs Assessments
Feasibility Studies & Operational Pro Formas
Promotions, Marketing, Alternative Funding & Partnerships
Cost Recovery, Pricing Philosophy, Organizational Audits, Structuring and Special Projects


Sample Documents:
Winchester, Virginia – Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment
Wake Forest, North Carolina – “Play it Forward”
Town of Cary, North Carolina – Parks and Recreation Master Plan
Maryland National Capital Park Planning Commission, Prince George’s County – Volume 1: 2010 and Beyond
Maryland National Capital Park Planning Commission, Prince George’s County – Volume 2: 2040 Vision and Framework
Arlington County, Virginia – Public Spaces Master Plan – “Where the Community Comes Together”
Stafford County, Virginia – Field Use Analysis
Maryland National Capital Park Planning Commission, Montgomery County – Vision 2030
Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, South Carolina – Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan

If you are interested in seeing a complete set of Final Documents from a recently completed project, please contact us at: